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Thank you for checking our FAQs page. If you need more information on how our site works, please check our Help Section.

What kind of memberships do you offer?

  • We offer viewer and provider memberships. Viewers are those who come to read, learn and use the information on our site. Providers are vendors, or providers of services to seniors and those who care for them. Please go to our sign up page for details on our memberships.

Why do you require me to create an account for a free viewer membership?

  •  We use member account information to track activities, build demographics, contact members with news and updates. Please see our privacy policy for details on the use and security of our members personal information.

What is Maturity Matters about?

  • In many cases, older adults and their families have a hard time finding relevant health and wellness information geared to their needs. Seeing that the process of searching out , compiling and trying to makes sense of the mass of information can be overwhelming, Stan Cohen, founder, chose to create Maturity Matters , an innovative and creative showcase for current and relevant health and wellness information geared to the growing needs of older adults, their caretakers and families.

What sort of information will I find here?

  • You will find health and wellness articles, videos and seminar style educational materials covering many areas of older person fitness, wealth management, health and lifestyles. This is a growing list of links to health and wellness professionals and services to assist you in finding answers to your particular needs and questions.

I would like to contribute an article. Is this possible?

  • We accept and publish articles that meet our content standards. You may submit your article to content@maturitymatters.net. You will be notified and sent a link to the published page upon posting.

Do you offer a newsletter or publication of your articles?

  • We have a quarterly newsletter of select articles. Please go to our newsletter signup page to join the mailing list.

Where are all the articles?

  •  The best way for you to find the information you are using is to type a word combination of words in our search engine. We have a link to this on each page at the top right. Click the magnifying glass image to begin the search. You may also find links to articles on the home page of each major topic area.  You can access these pages by clicking on a section name in the menu at the top of each page. 
  • There are menus at the end of each article offering choices to view articles from the same category or to choose a new one.