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Advertise your products and services direct to Seniors and their families 

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Do you want to get more business from 40% of the people walking by your door who have money to spend and need your service or product?

300 thousand people are turning 55 every month. These will be your customers for the next 20 years and beyond!

Would you like to develop your relationship with this growing group of prospects in your neighborhood?

MaturityMatters.net is looking for business owners looking to grow their customer base and have products or services used by those 55 - 75 year old.

We are currently offering a Charter Membership bonus to innovative thinkers looking to invest in their business growth.

Until August 31st 2011 we are offering our ad/marketing program for 2012 at regular pricing with the remainder of 2011 at no additional cost. That is up to 5 months of free advertising.  Charter members will also lock in their renewal rates through calendar year 2015 at our current pricing.  

We would love to discuss with you how our marketing program will help you build your reputation as an expert in your field, promote locally and increase your revenue.

Contact us for more information today and start building more business tomorrow.

The MaturityMatters.net marketing program follows the following strategies:

1. Have something good to say. 

  • Be relevant to current events and topics. 
  • Make changes to meet a need or event. 
  • Match your copy to news stories.

2. Say it well.

  • We offer lots of room for details and expansion.
  • You can modify your content anytime to improve the impact of your message.

3. Say it often.

  • Your ad displays in rotating banner on as many topic pages and as often as you want.
  • Ads link to a directory and article pages for increased visibility.

4. Say it to the right people.

  • You are automatically targeting the right people by placing your ad in the topic area that matches your product. Since your ad is
  • Zip code sensitive it targets the right area and eliminates your competition.

5. Say it at the right time.

  • Don’t wait for the media to publish. You can post messages anytime you need to tell customers
    about you, your product, sales or events.