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About Maturity Matters

About the Maturity Matters staff

Stan Cohen and his mom GoldieStan Cohen - Founder

At age 54, I found that my 81 year old mother was beginning to rely on my brother and I for quite a bit of information on questions about issues in her life. As a senior,  topics about housing, reverse mortgages, fitness and yes, who will be my POA started creeping into the picture. The problem was, neither Harold or I knew what to do, who to ask for help or where to look for answers.

At the same time, I was developing my seniors movement program which was inspired by my mom's needs. Through teaching and talking with the seniors, I found that most of them rely on their children and that my family "care" situation was quite common.

As a result, I founded MaturityMatters.net - our online magazine with a simple mission:  To assist seniors and their families to live with joy and independence.

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Chuck Davis - CEO, Advisory Board Member, Director

Chuck brings more than 30 years of professional experience in marketing, business development, executive training, software management, corporate strategy planning, and management to the Company.

Chuck is currently the Managing Partner of McKinley Marketing and directs operations for the state of New Jersey. More than a marketing company, his firm is a specialist in business development.

He has successfully coached large and small businesses from Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses, and has analyzed thousands of companies to create effective systems and strategies for the precise steps that will take them into the success circle they envision.

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