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Financial Resources Besides Social Security For Seniors 

from California Home for Seniors 

Be sure that your elder is already receiving money that is rightfully theirs through programs such as Social Security and company pensions. Also investigate programs that are designed for people who are living on limited incomes. Program rebates and reduced rates may also be available for anyone at any income level. Here are some of your options.

  • Social Security is a federal income program offered to individuals upon retirement age or upon becoming disabled. Apply for Social Security in person, online, or by calling the local Social Security office.
  • Veteran Benefits and pensions are available for eligible veterans and their dependents. (Contact us for further information)
  • General Relief is allocated to people of low income who are not eligible for federally funded assistance. Contact the local social-services office.
  • Benefits Eligibility Lists are available through the local agency on aging and social-services office.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides monthly benefits to those with low income, the aged, and person with disabilities. SSI is available through the Social Security office. If your elder cannot visit the office, ask for a home visit.
  • People with Disabilities may qualify for tax postponement, homeowners assistance, and renters assistance. Contact the state tax office.
  • Grandparents raising Grandchildren may qualify for a host of government programs. Contact the local social-services office and as about grandparent-support programs.
  • Workers Unions and Fraternal Organizations may offer benefits. Call them directly.
  • Disease-Related Organizations offer a wealth of information and resources on financing care. to locate local chapters on the internet, type the name of the disease in your search engine.
  • Life Insurance Terms may allow policy holders to pay for long-term care through the use of early death benefit withdrawals and viatical settlements.
  • Local Religious Groups may sponsor volunteer programs to help older people with a variety of daily tasks.
  • Mature Homeowner and Driver Discounts are available for those over fifty-five years of age.
  • Multiple Policy Discounts may be offered to customers who have two or more policies with the same company.
  • Long-term Policy Holders may be eligible for discounts offered to those who keep a policy with the same company for a specified number of years.


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