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Wealth is a gift that opens doors of opportunity not only for you, but also for your children, their children, and generations to come. Yet wealth can be a weighty responsibility that takes time to manage, maintain, and preserve. One quality way to start improving your wealth is by establlshing some sort of asset, If you are a parent, you are no doubt concerned about the effects of wealth on your children's values and how the "money" lessons you pass on to them will resonate as they mature to adulthood.

Women, Wealth and Legacy Planning 

Whether nurturing the values of children, fulfilling charitable goals, or making investment decisions that affect their own as well as their beneficiaries' financial security, women play a central role in establishing and preserving family wealth.... Read More

Important Home Financial Issues to Consider When Planning Aging At Home

The ability to age at home may require services ranging from making the home more user-friendly for the aging adult, aging home healthcare service and a wide array of home health care products designed to successful age at home....Read More

Do We Lose Benefits When a Veteran Dies While Their Claim is Pending?

This is a common enough scenario, especially when it seems that the VA is taking longer to process claims than ever before. As with most VA questions, however, the answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends on the facts of the particular situation... Read More

The sandwich generation: juggling family responsibilities and retirement planning

At a time when your career is reaching a peak and you are looking ahead to your own retirement, you may find yourself in the position of having to help your children with college expenses while at the same time looking after the needs of your aging parents... Read More

Guardianships & Conservatorships

An overview on why they should always be your option of last resort. Last week I received 2 phone calls from family members. Both were debating the advantage of Generational Coaching versus “just going to court and getting appointed their aging loved one’s guardian”...Read More

Long Term Care and the Pension Protection Act

In 2010 the enactment of the Long-Term Care Insurance Tax provisions of the Pension Protection Act has placed a brand new light on Long Term Care.... Read More

New Problems with Reverse Mortgages

Home equity can be a valuable tool for cash-strapped seniors who need to fund their long-term care needs. But one method, reverse mortgages, is running into a raft of new problems, including higher interest costs and a lawsuit by AARP that promises to be a public relations nightmare for the industry....Read More

Financial Resources Besides Social Security For Seniors  

Be sure that your elder is already receiving money that is rightfully theirs through programs such as Social Security and company pensions. Also investigate programs that are designed for people who are living on limited incomes. Program rebates and reduced rates may also be available for anyone at any income level. Here are some of your options. - Read More

Put your estate planning moves to work!

Like everyone else, you want to leave a legacy. To make it happen, though, you need to do some estate planning. First and foremost, communicate your wishes in writing. This means you need to draw up the appropriate legal documents, such as a will and a living trust. You’ll also want to position your investments to benefit your heirs. For example, you can stretch your IRA to extend its key benefit — tax-deferred earnings — for succeeding generations. In addition, you’ll want to establish a power of attorney and health care directive while you’re still healthy.

To make these and other moves, you’ll need to assemble a team of professionals, including your tax, legal and financial advisors. So get the help you need, take your time and develop the estate plans that can protect your family. - Read More

Conservative Savings... Or Lifetime Retirement Income?

If you are approaching retirement, a key element of your retirement strategy may involve choosing the best way to secure a predictable source of retirement income; one that’s guaranteed to be there when you need it, for as long as you need it. As you explore ways to achieve your income goals, you may have considered a variety of conservative financial vehicles designed to protect your retirement nest egg, such as bank savings and money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs) or deferred fixed annuities.

Each of these investment vehicles is considered a conservative choice and each offers unique advantages. But only the deferred fixed annuity is specifically designed to provide guaranteed retirement income for your lifetime.* - Read More


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