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Top Technology Products that Will Help You Live Longer

The human lifespan has been increasing steadily year by year as our technology (medical and otherwise) improves. The average life expectancy worldwide is now 67.2 years, according to the World Fact Book, and that number may be increased further in particular countries such as the United States and Japan.

How do they do it? On a global scale, prevention has been shown to be key in avoiding the major health problems that can derail an otherwise long, healthy life. The same is true on an individual level. Preventing problems before they start will help you live longer, and these days it's best done with technology. Listed below are a few examples of how technology can make your life healthier and longer.

Diet and Exercise: My Fitness Pal application

Available on many mobile platforms and home personal computers, My Fitness Pal is both a calorie counter and exercise recorder. You can register for free and use the app to update your daily record on the goal. Numerous experiments have shown that people who keep a food diary are much more likely to reduce their food intake. This is because a list of everything you've eaten is a much more physical reminder than simply remembering it. It also knows and counts the calories of home and restaurant food to keep you accurate and truthful.

Best of all, it has a social component with a running newsfeed to involve your friends and motivate each other. Publicly announcing your intention to become healthier is a powerful motivator for change thanks to peer pressure.

Close Communication: Skype

Remember the old days when a call to Europe or somewhere even more remote like China would have cost you an arm and a leg? Skype now enables people to stay in closer contact with their friends and family at no cost besides the usual Internet connection. It's the best application of technology in aiding for that intangible component of long life: closeness.

Close connections are key to longevity. Married couples live longer than single folks on average, and even if you can't find someone special, social connections are paramount to keep your outlook on life positive. No matter how far you are physically from the ones you love, Skype allows for communication anytime and anywhere.

Gadgets: BGM Device

The BGM I refer to here is Blood Glucose Monitoring, because there's no faster growing problem in developing countries than type two diabetes. In this disease, blood sugar levels are no longer controlled by the body's insulin and skyrocket out of control. It has both short term and long term consequences that wreak havoc on the body. Insurance companies like TermLifeInsurance.org hesitate to cover these people who are at risk. Here is where the tech comes into play: BGM devices are now USB capable. A simple drop of blood can be measured via computer software to alert a person of diabetes before it can cause health problems.

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Top Technology Products that Will Help You Live Longer