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There's a Senior App for that...Really

by Jennifer Campbell, New Lifestyles

Before designing our senior living app, we did research on other apps that might be similar, like iSeniors, iFindCare (includes childcare, but must be a “member”) and of course Yelp, but I hadn’t taken the time to look at other apps specifically for seniors until today, and I’ve had a lot of fun!

If you search the App Store for “senior” or ”seniors”, there are a lot of student apps to ignore, but in between them, there is a plethora of items from brain teaser games to home care management systems. A few of the offerings include:

I laughed out loud (LOL really) when I read about the app that allows you to diary, suggest & find clean bathrooms (I’ll let you find that one). Ok, I might use it on a road trip…

I ran into a few apps for Baby Boomers. I think I will save that search for another day & another blog.

Author: Jennifer Campbell, http://www.newlifestyles.com

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