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Maturity Matters provides a combination of information,  access to vendors and services, and social networking for older adults and their families.

Please review the sections below and check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is this I see on the top right hand side?

At the top right hand side of our site, on each page you will find a few icons (images), a  login link and three letter A's:

  • Click the login link to create an account or log into your account if already a registered member. Please look at our Account Information page for more on this topic.
  • Clicking on the house will take you back to the main entry page,  the envelope will open your mail program to send us email and the magnifying glass will open the page to search our site.
  • Click on the three letter A's will adjust the size of the text of the main site content.

Searching our site for information:

At the top right hand side of each page you will find a magnifying glass image. Clicking on that image will open a text box for you to enter a word or set of words to search our site with. You can even search by an authors name to see more articles by someone you found on our site. Clicking submit will return a list of articles relating to your choice of words.

Maturity Matters articles:

Articles on our site cover five main topic areas; Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Family and Lifestyle. Clicking on the links will take you to the main page for each category. 

Links to the full archive of articles for each catgegory are located on these home pages. Under each main topic, there up to 6 subcategories with articles covering current and classic discussions on the subjects. Hovering over the category names in the main menu bar will open links to the latest articles.

At the end of each article you will find links to more articles in the same topic area and menus to change topics.

Ads for Vendors and Services:

On each page you will see a set of rotating ads on the right hand side. To see ads for vendors in your area, type your zip code into the text box above the ad and click submit. There is a good chance you will see some regional or national ads as well, however most of what you see will be from businesses local to you.  

Clicking on an ad will display additional details about that particular company and will have a few options for gaining more information about them.

Below the ads is a link to our business directory. This list is also displayed by zip code area.

At the bottom of each page, when applicable will be a sponsor ad, which will also have the click for more information option.

Navigation to other site content:

At the bottom of each page is a list of links to our FAQ section, General Usage Policies, Advertising Information, Advertiser Directory, Classified Ads, a Contact Form, Members Forum, Vendor Specials, Privacy Statement and Legal Statement. Please familiarize yourself with all our content to help get the best use of our site for your needs.


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