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What is Male Menopause?

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Consider a Holistic approach to health issues in aging

Sarah Collins,  The Little Guide to Big Changes

The senior years present a special challenge where one’s health is concerned. By this stage of life, the body has seen its share of wear and tear and the emphasis is on preventative measures. Take this pill to lower your blood pressure so you don’t have a stroke, take this medicine to lower your chances of developing full-blown dementia... The medical community, particularly the pharmaceutical sector takes great interest in serving the senior population in a misguided bid for extending the life span. And here is where they miss the boat on several counts.

First, what good does it do to prolong the life span if the quality of life isn’t present? There seems to be a mass denial as to why death is a necessary part of life. (But that’s for another discussion.) Second, that pharmaceutical concoction you’re taking may have dire consequences physically and/or mentally. Do you really need all that medication? Wouldn’t developing a more natural approach to health be more conductive to senior concerns? Third, how often has it been shown that when an elderly person’s prescribed medicines are reduced they often become more coherent and ‘present’? *

Seniors take more medications than any other segment of the population. Yet, reducing your dependency on chemicals (pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, beauty supplies) can make you a healthier individual. But natural healthcare isn’t even a viable option for most – it’s the province of the uninitiated, the eccentrics. At least that’s what government agencies want you to think. Even if you’re mildly interested in exploring natural health options, oftentimes you have no idea where to go to gather the info or products. The internet can be a good starting point as well as local practitioners.

Generally speaking, who are natural health enthusiasts? Chiropractors, holistic dentists, dieticians (a nutrition specialist), massage therapists, acupuncturists (and acupressure providers), herbalists, iridology practitioners (identifying health problems by examining the iris of the eye), energetic practitioners (many forms of energy healing exist), physical trainers, and so on.

If you’re at the senior stage of life or have a family member getting ready to enter this phase of life, you may want to identify and introduce more natural methods of healthcare into the daily routine. There will be no adverse effects and the benefits can be well worth the effort. More mental clarity, ability to rest longer with improved quality of sleep, more physical energy, better digestion, improved skin texture, a happier outlook, and better ability to maintain normal weight can result. Slowly the advantages of adapting this lifestyle will emerge and your quality of life will improve.

The time of maturity does not have to mean a decrease in daily activities nor in the loss of intellectual pursuits and interests. You determine your value as it relates to others and especially yourself. There is no reason to settle for less than all you can be. With the aid of natural healthcare, you can be your best at any age, but especially during the senior years, when health concerns increase.

*Never go off your medication without talking to your doctor. There can be adverse effects.

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