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ICAA - Foot Pain Can Mean Trouble

article provided by Katie Ingraham, Foot Solutions

Aging adults should pay closer attention to foot pain, according to the ICAA
(International Council on Active Aging). In one study, the ICAA found that
87% of aging adults reported at least one foot problem. Why do so many aging
adults neglect foot pain? I took it upon myself to find this answer, and
asked a few baby boomers- starting with my parents. The most common reason
for neglecting feet and ignoring foot pain? Aging adults EXPECT it to

I put myself in their shoes (excuse the bad pun, its unavoidable) and tried
to make sense of this answer, but couldn’t. If you are expecting something
to happen, wouldn’t you prepare for it? If you wake up tomorrow morning and
feel the first symptoms of the flu, wouldn’t you take medicine, drink more
fluids and sleep a few extra hours to get well as quick as possible??

Your feet shouldn’t be treated any differently, especially if foot pain
could mean a more serious health issue. The ICAA explains that foot pain in
aging adults can be the first sign of trouble in many illnesses related to
aging such as arthritis, diabetes, and circulatory disease. So if you’re
expecting foot pain some time in the near future, have your feet looked at
by a professional and give them the treatment they deserve!

5 Myths about Exercise and Older Adults

5 Myths about Exercise and Older Adults Myth 1: There no point to exercising. I’m going to get old anyway. Fact:Exercise and strength training helps you look and feel younger and stay active longer. Regular physical activity lowers your risk for a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high […]

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