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Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents

If you’re amongst the millions of baby boomers who is or wll be caring for an aging loved one, the Following  will prove to be an absolutely critical resource:
The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System

Beyond Driving with DignityThe workbook for the families of older drivers

Knowing you are not alone
can be a great help

Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories And Tips For Caregiving Your Elderly Parents

Could you use a guide that explains the Assisted Living maze?

Check out Ryan Malone's Book

The By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living: A Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluating and Transitioning to an Assisted Living Community

Carolyn Rosenblatt has authored this great series on senior issues.

The Boomer's Guide to Aging Parents: The Complete Guide

David Solie has authored this great book on geriatric and intergenerational communication:

How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders

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Using A Nanny Cam To Protect Your Senior Loved One

from NursingHomeAbuse.net

Choosing a nursing home for your loved ones can be a very difficult task. You want to make sure they are cared for properly and safe from harm. It’s important for the nursing home you choose to follow state and federal laws and regulations when caring for your family. Additionally, it’s even more important that your loved ones do not suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of the very people you entrust to care for their well being.

Why Extra Surveillance is Needed?

Unfortunately, nursing homes frequently fail to measure up to even basic safety standards the government sets for them. A federal study commissioned by the Health Care Financing Administration found that one out of four nursing homes fail to meet even minimum safety standards, posing a danger to the very patients that they are supposed to care for. In the most disturbing instances, some patients are subjected to intentional acts of abuse by the staff. These terrible occurrences can leave a family wondering how to uncover instances of abuse or neglect by nursing home staff to their own loved ones.

What is a “Nanny Cam” or “Granny Cam”?

One of the best ways to protect yourself or a loved one is through a surveillance camera also dubbed a “granny cam.” These hidden cameras can be installed in a room, monitored regularly, and be a significant deterrent to harm. It is perfectly legal to use a camera such as this in your loved one’s room as long as a few basic steps are taken.

Are Granny Cams Legal in Your State?

In Texas for example, a “nanny cam” is admissible in court as long as (1) the patient himself or herself and any roommates have consented to the surveillance, and (2) the nursing home has been informed. If a patient cannot legally consent due to incapacity, then consent may be given by a legally appointed guardian or holder of power of attorney for that patient. Additionally, a family interested in installing a “granny cam” should be sure to get the consent of any roommates of their loved one as well. The second requirement for Texas nursing home patients is that the nursing home be informed of the use of the nanny cam. For if the nursing home operator is not aware of the camera (either through notice or it being placed in an open and obvious place) the camera is likely to be considered covert surveillance and thus may be illegal.

Should You Use A Granny Cam?

An important question for a family is whether you should use a “granny cam.” While the reasons may vary, generally this technology should be used for three reasons:

  1. The surveillance camera lets the nurses and staff know that someone may be watching, ensuring their best behavior.
  2. If a patient or family member suspects wrong doing, the camera is there to provide answers.
  3. If negligence or abuse is confirmed by a nursing home surveillance camera, these videos are admissible in court and provide strong evidence of wrongdoing and liability on the part of the nursing home.

Because many nursing home patients are unable to communicate about the kind of treatment they are receiving, a “granny cam” can effectively tell the world for your loved one whether the care they are receiving is bad or even abusive.

Getting mom to exercise it’s about keeping it relative

As a teacher of movement and balance exercises for seniors in Independent and assisted living center, I run across a good number of seniors who are used to sitting and doing nothing during the course of a normal day. I find this to be true also of most over 80 seniors who are home bound. […]

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