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Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents

If you’re amongst the millions of baby boomers who is or wll be caring for an aging loved one, the Following  will prove to be an absolutely critical resource:
The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System

Beyond Driving with DignityThe workbook for the families of older drivers

Knowing you are not alone
can be a great help

Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories And Tips For Caregiving Your Elderly Parents

Could you use a guide that explains the Assisted Living maze?

Check out Ryan Malone's Book

The By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living: A Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluating and Transitioning to an Assisted Living Community

Carolyn Rosenblatt has authored this great series on senior issues.

The Boomer's Guide to Aging Parents: The Complete Guide

David Solie has authored this great book on geriatric and intergenerational communication:

How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders

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Family ... Ask Marilyn

Marilyn Ellis

Weekly questions from readers on issues of aging common to all of us who are entering into our 50's, have elder parents or are involved in caring for an older adult..

Do you have an issue you need to ask about?  Ask Marilyn your question here.

Marilyn holds a BA in English and Anthropology from San Francisco State University with graduate studies at Cornell University Extension and is a Certified Life Coach through

Coach Training Alliance, Boulder, Colorado,



My mom has started a Yoga for Seniors class. She even walks down the street to the studio. God bless her heart. However, I told her to check with her doctor first and she has refused. The instructor had her sign off on some sort of form saying that she is not responsible should anything happen to mom. Mom is 92, still very active and in her right mind however I am concerned that she could be asking for trouble here.

Is what the instructor had her sign normal, especially to have someone as old as my mom make that kind of decision without her family there to read and make sure it is all OK?

Looking out for mom in LA

Dear LA,

Wow, teaching Yoga at 92. That is wonderful and so inspiring. Remember, old age is not a disease and many seniors are still “sharp as a tack” at 90+ and even healthier than people half their age. I have a 90 year old client who loves to take me shopping and positively wears me out! Her friend is 97 and takes belly dancing lessons!


MARILYN ELLIS, CTACC,  Lighthouse Organizers, LLC

Author, Speaker, Professional Organizer, Senior Move Manager, Business Development Coach

Marilyn’s company name, Lighthouse Organizers, LLC, reflects her true desire to help people navigate through their busy and challenging lives.

As a Senior Move Manager, Marilyn loves helping seniors and their families downsize and get organized so they can move forward to happy, safe and engaging lives. Working with seniors and those who serve them is the greatest pleasure and privilege in her business life.

As a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach, Marilyn loves helping her clients change their thinking so they can change their lives.

Marilyn is a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers, MDBW (Mt. Diablo Business Women), NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), World Future Society, Elder Care Matters Alliance and is past President of the East Bay Chapter of the ICF (International Coach Federation)

Getting mom to exercise it’s about keeping it relative

As a teacher of movement and balance exercises for seniors in Independent and assisted living center, I run across a good number of seniors who are used to sitting and doing nothing during the course of a normal day. I find this to be true also of most over 80 seniors who are home bound. […]

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